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At Growing Educational Practices, our professional development plan for schools is individualized and completely customizable to accommodate busy professionals with web-based and on-line courses.  However, schools that choose teacher and administration training with specific job-embedded training through on-site coaching get the greatest results.  We strive to use not only scientifically based reading research, but also to include brain research to support student learning and teacher implementation.  This practice helps support teacher, school, and district implementation with the why it works component, creating a motivation for implementation.  Additionally, the use of readiness rubrics helps the company to plan a smooth and effective change structure.

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Growing Educational Practices
Mission Statement

Through focused leadership including coaching, consulting, presenting and facilitating, every school that partners with GEP will receive individualized support based on data, classroom instruction and school culture. Based on intake, GEP will provide technical assistance to improve student academic growth, teacher efficacy and school achievement level.


About Us 

When your school is under-performing in the subjects of reading and writing, turn to Growing Educational Practices, LLC to provide you with a cost-effective and customizable solution to get those test scores where they need to be. Based in Littleton, Colorado, we bring our more than 15 years of education experience to every job we do. Our team understands how to solve the variety of issues that are most often encountered in schools. Our education specialists cater to disadvantaged schools, such as ones in Native American reservation, rural, and low income areas.

Our services range from evaluating your school's unique needs with our readiness rubric to executing programs that support teachers with improving their teaching methods through professional development and on-site coaching. Don't let the children in your school fall behind while your staff struggle to keep up, let our experts provide the support they both need to excel.


Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information listed here. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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